Waste disposal

Solid waste

Grey bin must contain a plastic bag for secondary containment
for solid non-toxic autoclavable waste only e.g. empty- and agar petridishes, cotton stoppers for sterile erlenmeyer’s, empty tubes and epjes.
autoclave before disposing
one autoclaved bag goes into one yellow garbage bag and this set is disposed in the RED bin in the logistic corner
the area surrounding the autoclave machine should be left clean and free of waste!!
Do not leave autoclaved bags near the autoclave!!
  Black bin chemical waste
    for toxic/“chemical”/not GMO contaminated waste which is not autoclaved e.g. acrylamide- and agarose gels.
    when full, mount lit and bring to logistic corner
Yellow bin 'septobox'/medibin with lit
    only to be used in ML-I and ML-II labs
for biologically/GMO contaminated waste which is not autoclaved

Liquid waste

Toxic/harmfull waste specially assigned containers (10 liter jerry cans; category 1 to 6) in the chemical store room
Microbiological liquid waste containing environmental toxic/harmful chemicals also goes into these containers!
Microbiological waste autoclave and dispose of through the sink.
supernatants of cultures should also be treated as microbiological waste!

To be aware of!

Grey bins the autoclaved waste in the grey bins is brought to the Groningen rubbish dump where it is dealt with in a special way.
the faculty has a special permit to dispose of autoclaved waste in this way and can also lose this permit if we do not follow the rules
the faculty pays extra for the autoclaved waste delivered in this way
Yellow bins the yellow bins are collected by a specially appointed waste management company (van Gansewinkel) which will incinerate the bins at an elevated temperature
yellow bins are expensive: the empty bin costs 10 euros and we pay 2.60 euro extra per kg waste
    the maximum weight of full yellow bin is 20 kg
Black bins should be used for most of the solid waste

For further information ask Janny de Wit