General Task List

Persons that are assigned to a particular task, are the first to be addressed when a question pops-up about the equipment or room or task. They are not responsible for abuse of equipment by others or for the mash made by others. Keeping equipment in good order and labs clean is a responsibility of each!!

Biacore Andy
Cell disrupters (r217 and r231) Emilia, Bruno
Centrifuges Janny
Fluorimeters Ramon
Imagers, GelDoc Manfred
Spectrophotometers Alexej, Ilja
(Q)PCR machines Jeroen, Stefan
ITC Alexej
Computers Juke
Microplate reader Agata
Auroclaves (validation) Jeroen
Laminar flow cabinets Arsalan
2D Electrophoresis -
10 L Fermentor -
Chemicals room 236a Gosia
Cemicals room 211a Marta S
Isotope lab Hein, Niels
Cold room 245 Janny
Warm room Hazrat
Coffee Jelger
Web site Alexej
Freezer -80 C hall r217 Janny
GMOs Juke
Orders/Store/Waste Greetje, Janny
Restriction enzymes Jeroen
Work discussions Andrey