Power failure - Help!

Do not worry about the -80 freezers. The emergency team of the Biological centre will come into action within 90 min and before the -80 freezers go above -65. They will connect the -80 freezers with their own extension cables to the backup generators.

The -20 freezers will last a few hours without power, as long as you do not open them.

Backup the -20 freezers by using the backup generator that you will find in the hallway on the wall next to the door of the kitchen (room 229).

You will find an emergency power cable kit on the bottom of the catalog cupboard in room 243. It contains 2 10m cable reels (you have to unwind them completely!), 1 10m extension cable and 2 socket strips and a torch.

Important!! The backup generator stops working as soon as the regular powersupply is restored. Please, restore the normal situation as soon as possible!

For further information ask Janny de Wit