Sequencing at Macrogen

We have a contract with Macrogen ( for sequencing. We have a budget there, to which each sequencing reaction will be charged. You can ask Jeroen Nijland for a login and password.We have ready-to-use envelopes to send samples to Macrogen. They are in the room where you find the PCR machines

  Use separate tubes for primer and PCR product/plasmid (second reaction will be done when first fails)
  If you sent along primers, use concentration of 100 pmol/ul
  Measure concentration of the PCR product/plasmid (ca 100-200 ng/ul)
  Use your initials in your order to find your files faster
  Progress can be followed at the website
  If you're not in a hurry you can choose a "Single regular" reaction which costs only 4.50 euro per reaction