The MolMic Lab Journal

The lab journal is the property of the MolMic lab!

Your lab journal is an integral part of your permission to work with GMO's!

Organization of the lab journal

Cover name volume/year [title]

Contents number title date
Experiments date title number
GMO list Identifier references .

Each lab journal contains information on the cover and consists of 3 sections separated by tab sheets. The sections are 'Contents', 'Experiments', 'GMO list'.


Cover name volume/year [title]

On the cover of your lab journal write your name, a volume number and year (e.g. "vol 2/2008") and an optional title


Contents number title date

The 'Contents' section lists the experiments described in the lab journal. Give each experiment a number and a title and give the date you started the experiment as follows:

title date
first experiment 1-1-2008
second experiment 24-1-2008
third experiment 25-1-2008
............... ...


Experiments date title number

The 'Experiments' section contains the actual descriptions of the experiments. Start each experiment on a new page by copying the date and the title from the Contents. Briefly, describe the aim of the experiment. On each page give the number of the experiment in the top-right corner. If the experiment extents over more than one day, indicate the successive dates in the left margin. In the description, refer as much as possible to existing protocols. Add all 'evidence' like prints, output of counters, images, spectra, etc. At the end of each experiment add a brief conclusion.

1-1-2008 title of first experiment
2-1-2008 continued on next day...........

GMO list

GMO list Identifier references

The 'GMO list' section at the back of the lab journal is a list of all GMO's that were used in the experiments described. Give the name of the GMO and a reference to the experiment(s) in which the GMO was constructed and in which tests were done that demonstrate the (correct) properties of the GMO. The latter could be plating on antibiotics, minipreps followed by restriction analysis, sequencing, etc. The name of the GMO should be as it appears in the literature and in the GMO database.

GMO identifier experiment numbers
E. coli DH5alpha/pACYC 3,16,20,35
L. lactis NZ9000/pBAD21 4,7,12
............... ...
............. ...