GROS - chemicals tracking system

Due to governmental regulations all commercially purchased chemicals in our faculty have to be registered. Registration involves the labeling with a sticker of every individual chemical container in the faculty. This registration system is called GROS: 'gevaarlijke stoffen registratie en opsporings systeem'. The registration of chemicals started on the 1st of July 2006 and will continue indefinitely.

For us the consequences are as follows:

1. When you order chemicals from a company you have to write down on the order form where you will store these chemicals (location address). You can find location addresses of our lab printed on stickers at the location where you will store your chemicals.

e.g. the address of the yellow cupboard in the chemical room is: in which 65.14 indicates the building, 02 the floor, 236A the room, and bvk1 the 'brand veilige kast 1'

Similarly, the chemicals on the shelves in the chemical room have as address

Order forms without a proper location address will not be processed. So the chemical will NOT be ordered.

2. When a container or bottle with a GROS-sticker is empty you must remove the white sticker from the container and stick it on the A4 sheet which is stuck on the wall next to the order forms. After that you wash the empty container or bottle and dispose of it yourself .

The GROS-system allows storage of limited amounts of chemicals only and it monitors which chemicals our going in and out of our group. Therefore, failure to follow the correct procedure (e.g. throwing away containers without prior removal of the sticker) will result in us being denied to buy new chemicals.

*Exceptions are made for DNA kits, DNA-modifying enzymes and ready made protein purifying columns, they do not need GROS stickers.

For further information ask Janny de Wit