Genetically Modified Organisms

* All our laboratories, except 6514-0217 are at the ML-I containment level. Lab 6514-0217 is a ML-II laboratory.
* You need to be registered by the BVF to work in any of the laboratories.
* You need to know the contents of the permission(s) granted to your project

Verantwoordelijk medewerkers (VM)

Arnold Driessen Chris van der Does
Room 6514-234 (A wing) Room 6514-211a (A wing)
tel: 050-3632164 tel: 050-3632170
email: email:

The VM is responsible for the GMO activities in the laboratories

Biological Safety Officer (BVF)

Juke Lolkema
Room 6514-236b (A wing)
tel: 050-3632155

The BVF should be notified imediately in case of a violation of the containment and may contacted for general questions regarding biological safety

Information about the legislation, rules, permissions, etc may be found at the VROM site.