Permission GGO 01-148

This is an english summary of the official document 'Beschikking DGM/SAS GGO 01-148' which is available here


Transport processes across biological membranes

Section 1: mentioned in the text are

"Regeling" document describing legislation in relation to working with GMO's
"GGO" genetically modified organism
"appendix 1" list of non-pathogenic organisms
"appendix 2.1.1" list of vectors
"appendix 4" rules for working at ML-I and ML-II levels

The "Regeling" including the appendices can be viewed or downloaded in pdf format from the VROM site. Follow the link "Documenten" and then "Regelgeving". In the table select "Intergrale versie Regeling en Besluit oktober 2004". The latest update of appendix 2.1.1. can be viewed separately at the same site by selecting "Actuele vectorenlijst".

Section 2: allowed activities

2.1. Cloning in microorganisms

hosts microorganisms in appendix 1 of the "Regeling"
vectors vectors in appendix 2.1.1 of the "Regeling" and derivatives of these vectors with changed restriction and/or regulatory sites, and added marker or reporter genes, and pJM116, pMUTIN, pORI240, PORI280, pccKAN, pBC3, pRS406, Yep352, pNZ8010, pNZ8020, pNZ8037, pNZ8048
donor sequences Genes coding for proteins or subunits of transport systems and for proteins of protein translocation systems of organisms in appendix 1 of the "Regeling", H. sapiens, R. norvegicus, K. pneumonia. Reporter- en marker genes flanked by 5 en 3 fragments for inactivation in the same host.
containment level ML-I according to appendix

2.2. Cloning in Escherichia coli

host Escherichia coli;
strains K12
vectors pBluescript II, lambdaZAP, pBAD24
donor sequences gene banks of Sulfolobus solfataricus and Penicillium chrysogenum
containment level ML-I according to appendix

2.3. Cloning in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

host Escherichia coli;
vectors Pnz8010, Pnz8020, Pnz8037, Pnz8048
donor sequences gene bank of Penicillium chrysogenum
containment level ML-I according to appendix

2.4. Activities are restricited to the Laboratory of Microbiology, University of Groningen, Kerklaan 30, Haren

Section 3: collaborators

All collaborators involved in the activities mentioned in section 2 must be informed about this permission and its contents before they can start their activities